I had been suffering from hearing loss for many years. But never knew that I was entitled to compensation due to the fact that it was work related. Complaw informed me and advised me of all my rights and helped with all the legal proceedings of my claim. It is amazing how quickly everything was solved. They also helped me get a good pair of hearing aids for free.

- Petrus Winangun

This is to express my thanks to the legal firm Complaw for informing me of my rights, helping me go through the legal procedures for my hearing loss compensation and for referring me to an audiological clinic to get my free hearing aids.

- Robert Lewis

I would like to commend the work of your firm in regards to my work injury claim. The staff was professional and friendly, they handled my case efficiently and quickly. They are true experts in this area of law

- Zoran Mihajlovic

It is very intimidating and debilitating having to deal with Workcover for work injuries. That is why I would like to thank Complaw for expediting my whole claim procedures as painlessly as possible for me. Excellent work. Thank you.

- Nick Andriopoulos

I would like to thank the Complaw team for helping me with my hearing loss claim. They organised every thing for me quite competently and without any hassle. They even organised for me to get free hearing aids.

- Dusan Gvozdic

I was pleased with the service obtained through Complaw and the result of compensation. I also received free hearing aids from Workcover before the completion of the claim.

- Robert Saddington

I am a 48 year old plumber who over time had progressively got hearing loss to the extreme where hearing aids were required. I was phoned by Complaw for an appointment for assessment. Upon 2 visits to Complaw and 1 visit to the Workcover hearing specialist, I have received a Workcover claim way beyond my expectations and free hearing aids every 5 years for the rest of my life. I am over the moon. I am now enjoying life 100%. I would recommend anyone to take the next step and allow Complaw to do the work for you.

- Peter Archdeacon

I found out about Complaw through work. I was very pleased with the customer service I received. They also arranged for my hearing aids apart from the compensation. Thank you Complaw for your services.

- Nikola Maric

I must thank Complaw for acting on my behalf on a claim I didn’t even know I was entitled to. I visited your office to speak to your people and they explained to me in terms that I could understand. Process, charges and time it would take were more than reasonable. Thanks to your company, I now have the luxury of my hearing back with the assistance of the hearing aids. P.S. I have recommended your company to all my family and workmates. Thank you.

- Des Mulquiney

Thank you very much for all your services and for helping me get compensation for my hearing loss.

- Coronato Cassar