I would like to thank Complaw for their professional approach in handling my Work Cover hearing loss claim, especially Nicole who was not only professional but treated me with me patience and respect. Nothing was too much trouble for her. Well done Nicole and Complaw. I would recommend Complaw by my own personal experience as the outcome was positive and rewarding. I was compensated well. Thank you.

- R.M. from Carrum Downs.

I had approached one of the biggest legal firms In Melbourne to help me with my hearing loss claim. I wasn’t seen by any of their lawyers, I wasn’t informed of the legal procedures, plus I had to fill out my own forms. They organised my specialist appointment and upon rejection of my claim they just informed me via mail that I needed to pay more money in order to dispute the decision. No physical contact with the legal group, no personal advising on my case, no explanation for the rejection, no justification if I should pay the money and dispute the decision. That is when I went to Complaw. I met with a lawyer in their offices, they informed me in detail of my rights and more specifically about my hearing loss situation, we proceeded legally, and after a considerable battle with the other side, Complaw managed to get my compensation for me plus an exceptional pair of hearing aids. Thank you Complaw, excellent work.

- P.R from Taylors Lakes

I became aware of Complaw through a family member. I was very happy with the prompt service I received and with the free hearing aids they organised for me. Complaw informed me that I was still entitled to make a claim for hearing loss after being out of the workforce since 2000. I wasn’t aware of that. So thank you Complaw for your assistance.

- Zivko Lumakovski

I was contacted by Complaw to have a free hearing test. The staff was very good at their job and very helpful in all areas of this case. I received also free hearing aids with which I am very happy. I am hearing things that I have not heard for more than 20 years. Thank you very much.

- Denis Harrington

I heard about Complaw through a friend. I was extremely pleased with the service and efficiency of the staff. Everything was looked after. I didn’t have to do a thing. They even organised my free hearing aids.

- Domenic Privitelli

I received a call to attend a free hearing test with Complaw. Their services for the hearing loss compensation were very good. They were patient and polite to me. They also helped me get my free hearing aids. I am very pleased that they sent me for the test. Now with my hearing aids it is much better as I put the TV lower and can hear it. They are small and I am not embarrassed by wearing them. I would like to thank Complaw for the services completed. It will be good for someone else in need to go for the free hearing test. Thank you again.

- Charlie Camilleri

I am happy with Complaw’s service. They are pleasant and supportive people to deal with. I also got my free hearing aids.

- Jonce Mitreski

I am very happy with the services provided by all associated with the matters of my claim. All went as scheduled. I am very pleased with the outcome overall. After all appointments were completed, Complaw also organised my free hearing aids.

- Nikola Petrovski

I was happy with the service of Complaw. I found them to be polite, friendly and helpful.

- Antonietta Grosso

I found out about Complaw through some friends of mine. No fuss, very helpful and am very happy with the service. They also arranged for my free hearing aids.

- William from Rowville