I am very grateful for all you have done. I am very happy with my new hearing aids. Thank you.

- Luigi Alberti

I received a phone call with an offer to attend a free hearing test. I was very happy with the service and the test results which proved that I require hearing aids. I am very satisfied with the service and organisation from start to finish. I was kept informed of the process and advised correctly what I needed to do and where to go. Everything was organised very efficiently for the free hearing aids too. Thank you for your assistance.

- Jano Oravec

After being contacted by phone, they arranged an appointment for a free hearing test that resulted into me having a hearing loss for which they put in a claim for compensation. As a result to this, I received hearing aids and, completely out of my expectations, received a fair financial compensation. I would like to thank everybody at Complaw.

- Duilio Soldaini

Thank you for helping me. I am more happy now and I can hear better now. I would like to thank everybody that was involved in my case and helped me. Anybody who needs it should definitely do it.

- Maria Ivancic

I am happy with Complaw’s service, I appreciate how professionally everything was dealt with and would definitely recommend their service to others. Thank you.

- Mario Antonini

I was very happy with the way my compensation claim for partial loss of hearing was handled by Complaw.

- T.H. of Mulgrave

I am very pleased with the way Complaw handled my claim and with the result. I would fully recommend Complaw to any person making a compensation claim for work related injuries. Being from Mildura, all appointments for ear examinations were passed to me in plenty of time to arrange travel.

- James from Mildura

Complaw handled both my wife’s and my case with success. I am overall happy with their services and would highly recommend them to others in need of good legal representation for hearing loss claims and hearing aids.

- S & C Farrugia

Complaw was recommended to me by a family friend. The service was good and overall I am very happy with them despite the fact that my case took longer to resolve than anticipated.

- Luca Carli

I would like to say many thanks to the Complaw team for helping me with my claim for hearing loss. It was very well organised. Procedure was solved very quickly. I try to refer Complaw to other people that worked with me. Once more, thank you for all.

- Wieslaw Kusnierz