Are you concentrating hard to hear and follow conversations?

May 20, 2019 cl_admin

Are you concentrating hard to hear and follow conversations?

Hearing loss

Hearing loss usually occurs gradually.  Hearing can decline due to ageing or noise exposure or both and this decline can take many years.  With such a gradual rate of hearing loss, most people learn ways to compensate and they may not be aware of hearing loss.  Often family and friends will notice a hearing loss first.

Impact of hearing loss

Symptoms of hearing loss include struggling to follow a conversation especially when there is some noise and needing to concentrate hard to hear someone talk.  About 60% of people with hearing loss state that ‘following a conversation’ is difficult for them and 42% state that they need to concentrate and use a lot of energy in order to hear someone talk/whisper.

Examples of noisy environments include social situations with a few people speaking at once such as restaurants, supermarkets, churches, movies and sporting events. Hearing in the car can also be very challenging because of two main factors, often you cannot see the face of the speaker and the road noise can drown out the speaker’s voice.

The thing that mostly affects people with hearing difficulties is the need to ask others to repeat themselves and the need to concentrate and use extra energy just to hear.

About you

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