Australian Government Funding for Workers with Hearing Loss

Nov 23, 2021 cl_admin

If you have hearing loss and are still in the workforce, you may be eligible for a Federal Government funding for additional hearing accessories.

Hearing loss is especially important to address while you are working. Economists estimate that people with untreated hearing loss earn up to $10,000 a year less than their colleagues with good or corrected hearing.

According the report Social And Economic Cost of Hearing Loss valued lost productivity due to hearing loss in Australia at $12.8 billion a year.

The Employment Assistance Fund is designed to give eligible people (and their employers) to buy work related modification, equipment and various support services.

Among the equipment which can be purchased under the scheme are assistive hearing devices which work with your hearing aids.

These devices include the likes of Phonak’s Roger Select, Starkey Table Mics, remote microphones, Audeara headphones.

Through the Fund, you can receive free workplace assessments to determine your eligibility.

The EAF is available to:

* Australian residents
* you are currently in a job that is expected to continue for 13 weeks or more
* you are working at least 8 hours per week
* or if self-employed, be working at least 20 hours per week over the last 13 weeks and earning an hourly income that is at least equivalent to the National Minimum Wage you have an ongoing disability that has lasted, or will last at least two years and disability must limit, restrict or impair your ability to work.

There are other excellent reasons to address your hearing loss at work than just the economic ones. With you best possible hearing you can:
* Better participate in workplace discussions
* Feel more confident
* Enjoy increased quality of life
* Experience increased stamina, and
* Reduce the risk of memory loss

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