Photographer Receives $400,000.00 Plus Costs For A Back Injury

Dec 09, 2020 cl_admin

Our client Mary suffered a back injury during the course of her employment with XYZ Pty Ltd as a result of unloading equipment from the back of the truck to inside the venue.

We lodged a claim for compensation on behalf of Mary.

XYZ Pty Ltd did not believe that our client was seriously injured and that the degree of impairment for the purposes of pain and suffering and weekly payments did not reach the threshold serious injury level.

XYZ Pty Ltd made a without prejudice offer totalling $198,804 for pain and suffering damages only.

We rejected the without prejudice offer and issued common law proceedings on behalf of Mary.

We obtained medical evidence supporting Mary’s ongoing pain and suffering and diminished earning capacity.

Mary instructed us that she did not want to proceed to trial and that she wanted us to settle her matter.

Accordingly, we negotiated with XYZ Pty Ltd with a view to get the best possible result for Mary without proceeding to trial.

XYZ Pty Ltd ultimately agreed to pay Mary $400,000 plus costs.

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