One In Six Australian’s Have A Hearing Loss.

May 30, 2019 cl_admin

Damage to hearing can be gradual. Typically age related hearing loss and noise induced hearing loss are gradual in nature and with gradual hearing loss people tend to get used to it and believe it to be the norm and ok.

We see many people who have come in for a hearing assessment because their partners have insisted on it, but the person with the loss does not perceive or admit to a problem.  Because the hearing loss has been gradual, people can develop coping strategies and they believe that these coping strategies are working.  We sometimes hear people say, “it’s ok, I just have to ask and people repeat what they said, it’s not a problem”.  This may work in a one to one conversation especially if the loss is mild, but what happens in rapidly flowing conversation around a dinner table?  The person can’t ask everyone to repeat.  We often see previously socially active people slowly withdraw from activities as their hearing gets worse.  The great part is that there is a solution. The first step is having a hearing assessment.

If you are over 50 or if you have had exposure to loud noise in the past, you should have a hearing check.

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