What happens when a WorkSafe agent rejects my hearing loss claim?

Jun 17, 2021 cl_admin

Our client John worked in noisy environments for approximately 35 years.

John’s last noisy employer was X where he worked as a labourer.

After ceasing his employment with X, John worked at Y as a shelf filler This was not noisy.

Accordingly, we lodged a hearing loss claim on behalf of John against X.

The WorkSafe agent for X rejected John’s claim on the basis that his subsequent employment may have exposed him to noise capable of causing hearing loss.

We were determined to help John and disagreed with the WorkSafe agent’s decision.

Accordingly, we represented John on a no-win no-fee basis and issued proceedings in the Magistrates’ Court.

During the court proceedings, we entered into negotiations and the WorkSafe agent agreed to accept liability for John’s hearing loss claim and pay for his costs.


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