Our Client Received $37,760 For His Hearing Loss Claim

Jul 11, 2021 cl_admin

Our client, Brad, worked as a tiler for approximately 55 years.

Brad worked on construction sites and was exposed to noise such as grinders, drills and power saws.

As a result of working in a noisy environment, Brad suffered hearing loss.


Step 1

We provided Brad with free initial advice over the phone and arranged a free hearing test.

We reviewed the hearing test and determined that Brad was eligible to lodge a hearing loss claim.

Step 2

We had a conference with Brad in person, obtained his instructions, provided legal advice and completed all of the relevant forms on behalf of Brad.

Step 3

We researched Brad’s employer and ascertained details of the WorkSafe agent.

We subsequently lodged Brad’s hearing loss claim on the WorkSafe agent.

Step 4

The WorkSafe agent arranged an independent impairment appointment with an ENT.

Brad attended the ENT appointment and the ENT prepared and sent a report to the WorkSafe Agent.

Step 5

The WorkSafe agent sent us a copy of the ENT report and Notice of Liability.

The ENT assessed Brad as having 25.6% compensable noise induced hearing loss which equates to 15% whole person impairment.

The WorkSafe agent offered to settle Brad’s hearing loss claim for the amount of $37,760 plus hearing aids.

Step 6

We reviewed the ENT report to ensure that the calculations were accurate and no unnecessary apportionments were made.

We also reviewed the offer and ensured that it was in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Once we reviewed the above mentioned documents, we provided advice to Brad recommending that he accept the offer.

Step 7

Brad instructed that he accepts the offer and we relayed his instructions to the WorkSafe agent.

The WorkSafe agent then sent us a cheque for Brad’s entitlement.


Step 8

We arranged for Brad to obtain free WorkSafe hearing aids from Melbourne Audiology Centre.


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