When is the Best Time to Lodge a Hearing Loss Claim?

Nov 30, 2021 cl_admin

The short answer is right now.

There is no time limit in relation to lodging a hearing loss claim.

We lodge hearing loss claims on behalf of clients who ceased in 1990 or 2021.

Nevertheless, the longer you wait to lodge a hearing loss claim, the more difficult your claim may be.

For example, the law dictates that you need to lodge your hearing loss claim on your last noisy employer.

Imagine the following scenario:

You work at X as a machine operator. Your employment is terminated after 30 years. You then get a job at Y as a machine operator and work there for one day. You decide to lodge a hearing loss claim. You do not want to lodge a claim against Y because you are concerned it will affect your working relationship with Y.

Unfortunately, because you were exposed to industrial noise at Y, even though you only worked there for one day, you need to lodge your claim against Y.

We therefore recommend that you lodge your hearing loss claim before starting a new job.

Alternatively, if you are not prepared to lodge against your current employer, you may wait until your employment ceases.

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